Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Labyrinth Lord Spells in Shatterworld

Magic in Shatterworld is centered around the summoning and control of spirits. As such, even casting simple spells is a dangerous matter. The Spellcaster must wear a talisman that protects him from the spirits which he summons. Otherwise, the spirits will attack the spellcaster, seeking to break the spell. Here is an example of how spells from Labyrinth Lord work in Shatterworld. Note, these are purely mechanical descriptions. Actual results of casting such spells may be unpredictable. Use of any of these spells may attract the attention of powerful spirits who are not bound by the spell.

Animate Dead:
This spell summons a spirit, which inhabits the body of the dead. The spirit will obey the caster per the spell, but the spirit will also have its own agenda. It may relish experiencing the shadow of "life", or resent it. As such, it may aim to prevent the spell from ending, or seek to end it.

Animate Objects:
As in Animate Dead, a sentient spirit is summoned to temporarily inhabit the inanimate object. This is a more powerful spirit than the one summoned to animate the dead, as "objects" are not naturally attuned to hosting sentient spirits.

Arcane Lock:
This spell is similar to Animate Object, in that is infuses an object with a spirit which allows only the spellcaster to pass. Dispel Magic banishes the spirit. Knock simply commands it to allow passage.

Arcane Eye:
The spellcaster links his mind with that of a summoned spirit, which can travel as the spell description.

The spellcaster essentially "freezes time" for everyone else, allowing him to move 2 feet in the direction of his choosing. The target can not move or otherwise harm objects until he returns to moving in standard time.

Clenched Fist:
The spellcaster summons a spirit, which manifests as a ghastly hand.

Contact Other Plane:
The spellcaster summons a ghostly spirit which answers the questions as the spell. 

Continual Light:
This spell summons a weak Fire Elemental. The longer it manifests, the stronger it grows. After one day, the light will ignite objects as a torch in the 60 foot diameter. The temperature and brightness will double every day thereafter until dispelled.

Continual Darkness:
This spell tears a hole in the Void, creating a vacuum which pulls all the light out of it. After one day, the area will be bitterly cold. The temperature will drop 30 degrees each day thereafter until dispelled.

Dimension Door:
The spellcaster essentially "freezes time" for everyone but the target. The target can not move solid matter, but can pass through air unhindered. The target can move up to 360 feet running, but can not open doors or otherwise move or harm objects for 3 rounds from his perspective. The world seems "gauzy" to the target, and there is a chance he may encounter other beings which are not bound by time.

Detect Evil:
This spell allows the detection of spirits with powerful evil intent. I does not detect the presence of members of the Monstrous Races (goblins, giants, orcs, etc...) other than Bogeymen. It may 
detect the Enchanted Undead (golems, skeletons, zombies) if the spirits animating the bodies are malicious.
I can sometimes detect the presence of the Restless Undead, and will usually detect the presence of the Cursed Undead.

Feather Fall:
A summoned spirit physically slows the descent of the spellcaster. The spellcaster must endure the embrace of arms reaching out from beyond the void. The recipient may perform no action while under the influence of the spell, and saving throw vs. paralyzation is required or the recipient is stunned in horror (for 1d6  rounds if the recipient is someone other than the spell caster, and for 1d6 - 3 rounds if the recipient is the spell caster himself) after the spell expires.

Hold Person:
Unseen tendrils are summoned and attack the victim's mind. The victim will suffer nightmares long after the spell is broken.

Magic Mouth:
This spell binds a spirit, which must obey following the spell description. 

Mirror Image:
The spell summons 1d4 spirits who mimic the spellcaster's actions. There is a small chance (GMs discretion) that one or more of these spirits will refuse to leave after the spell expires.

Summon Monster:
This spell causes the affected creatures to travel outside of time, essentially "freezing time" for everything but the creature. They may not move or harm any object while traveling. Thus, a monster may not be summoned into a room with a closed door, but instead may be summoned just outside the door, as long as there were no other closed doors, missing ladders or bridges, etc.. that the monster would have had to pass.

True Seeing:
The spellcaster subjects himself to being temporarily possessed by a spirit capable of seeing reality as it is.
The spellcaster's senses and the spirit's senses are one and the same. The spellcaster must make a saving throw vs paralyzation or fall to his knees in horror. A critical failure is cause for a second roll. A second failure causes the spellcaster to tear out his eyes. A second critical failure causes permanent madness.

Unseen Servant:
This spell summons a spirit, which behaves according to the spell description. It will refuse to obey commands to attack in any way.

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