Friday, April 20, 2012

My Life as a Role Player

I've put up a post on my Main Street Arts blog about role playing games. How I started, getting a job in the industry, and getting my newest campaign started last week.

Stop on by and leave a comment. Let's show the rest of the world what us devil worshipping victims of elaborate intellectual fantasy role playing games actually think!

"R" is for Role Playing Games in my A to Z Challenge!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Amulet of Skuld, Chapter 1

Summary of Saturday's gaming session:


Among the lofty towers of the city of Pitkin, a young alchemist's apprentice explored ancient tomes. But it wasn't transmutation which intrigued him. Rather it was the control of life and death itself. The power to summon forth spirits of the ancient dead and other beings, using discarded mortal remains or enchanted constructs to house such spirits. The power of Necromancy.

Cast out of the alchemists studio, the neophyte of Necromancy found a patron who cared little about the source of power. And to Marcus, Baron of the Merchant's Republic, was revealed the secret location in the Confederacy of Traders of an ancient power; The Amulet of Skald. Marcus conveyed the information of the talisman to Anthony, a spy who had been for several years planted within the Confederacy.

Several months later a young woman named Maria, daughter of a Confederate baron, arrived at the doorstep of Marcus. She revealed her love for Anthony, and her concern for his life. He had located the Amulet, but his treachery was discovered. He now lay in hiding in an abandoned leg of one of the coastal tin mines of the Confederacy. Anthony implored Marcus to send aid before he was discovered, and both is life and the Amulet were forfeit.


The Session:

The Necromancer set out to Carrnach, accompanied by a young thief who had been raised on the streets of Pitkin. They were to find a wizard of power to aid in the recovery of the Amulet. In Carrnach they were directed to the outskirts of the Greenwood, where they found the man they were looking for.

As the three headed for Pitkin, they encountered Marten, an aging ranger and sometime visitor to the wizard's hut. Often Marten and the wizard discussed the troubles of the world. Now the wizard confided in Marten about the amulet, to see what knowledge the ranger might have of it. Troubled, Marten assigned his apprentice to travel with the threesome to Pitkin, while he himself went to the Clan of the Wolf deep within the Greenwood to discuss the matter with the chief druid.

The four travelers, necromancer, thief, wizard and ranger were not long on the road when they were joined by a diminutive knight on foot. This paladin, paragon of virtue, had been retained by an interested party to see that no harm came to the wizard. And so the five set out.

After two days on the road they party was joined by a bard, sent by the chief druid of the Wolf Clan to learn what he could of this ancient artifact.

Deep within the tin mines the adventurers found Anthony, prisoner to a tribe of kobolds. After scattering the kobolds and rescuing Anthony from the crushing embrace of an aquatic wyrm, the group left the mines and advanced towards the place where Anthony had hidden the amulet...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I finally have a game starting on Saturday

I've got six local players that contacted me through We are playing at a new pizza shop in town that has two party rooms. We'll be in the smaller one.

Gaming and pizza. What more could you want?

Don't be afraid to ask local restaurants or coffee shops that have party rooms if you can book them for gaming!