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Labyrinth Lord Trademark License 1.2, March 2011
The Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License is a royalty-free non-exclusive agreement between Goblinoid Games and third-party publishers. This agreement is non-sublicensable. This license grants publishers the limited use of the Labyrinth LordTM trademark. Goblinoid Games reserves the right to revise or retract the Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License. However, any products published under a version of the license prior to the release of a new version of the license or the retraction of the current license are grandfathered in to the extent that these products may remain in print and/or distributed electronically. Products produced under a previous version of the license may not be published in any revised form unless the revised product adheres to the terms of the current Labyrinth LordTM license. If the Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License has been retracted, products may not be revised for release under any previously existing Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License, without express permission from Goblinoid Games.
Goblinoid Games further retains the right to retract permission to use this license from specific publishers and individuals. Permission may be retracted for a specific product or for all products from a publisher. In such a case, Goblinoid Games may require the publisher to cease the sale of any product produced under any version of this license, and may require the destruction of existing and unsold product.
Third-party publishers do not need further written permission than what is provided here, unless otherwise noted, to begin producing material if the Terms of this agreement are met.
Publishers in compliance with the Terms of this license may do the following:
��Products may indicate compatibility and for use with Labyrinth LordTM and/or Advanced Labyrinth LordTM.
��Products may indicate compatibility and for use with Realms of Crawling ChaosTM. �� Products may indicate compatibility and for use with the Advanced Edition Companion. ��Eligible products are not limited to role playing game material.
��Publishers may electronically distribute the Labyrinth LordTM core game book (electronic no-art version only) released by Goblinoid Games if it is unaltered, distributed free of charge, and if a web link is provided at the download site to
Terms Publishers must adhere to the following terms to gain the above rights:
��No work may include in the title „Labyrinth LordTM‰, „Advanced Labyrinth LordTM‰, „Realms of Crawling ChaosTM‰ and/or „Advanced Edition Companion‰.
��No work may constitute a complete game. For the purposes of this license, a "complete game" is defined as any work that a player of a PC and/or the player in the role of the Labyrinth Lord can use for character generation and/or reference in game play exclusive of the Labyrinth Lord core rules book. As a general guideline, if the work is so complete as to make the Labyrinth Lord core book obsolete to one or both of these kinds of players, it fits the definition of a complete game for the purposes of this license.
��The copyright page or similar notification of each work must contain the following text:
„Labyrinth LordTM is copyright 2007-2011, Daniel Proctor. Labyrinth LordTM and Advanced Labyrinth LordTM are trademarks of Daniel Proctor. These trademarks are used under the Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License 1.2, available at‰
��In addition, if the product will refer to Realms of Crawling Chaos, the following text must be added to the text above:
„Realms of Crawling ChaosTM is a trademark of Daniel Proctor.‰��All products must be in compliance with the Terms of the Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License version current to the date of any productÊs original publication or the date of a revised publication.
��Providing complimentary copies of works produced under this license to Goblinoid Games (usually electronic copies) would be appreciated, but is not required.