Sunday, November 27, 2011

Labyrinth Lord AEC House Rules

Here are my house rules for playing Labryinth Lord.

1) Use the Core Rules and the Advanced Edition Companion
2) Players play Human characters only
3) Stat Generation: Roll 4d6. Re-roll 1's.  Drop lowest. Arrange as you like
5) Hit Points: You get half your Constitution(rounded down) at zero level, and max at 1st level
6) Hit Dice: Advanced HD rule from LL AEC (Magic User d4, Thief d6, Cleric d8, Fighter d10)
7) Saving Throws: Ability Score Bonuses modify Saving Throws as follows:

  • Breath, Wands, and Spells: Dexterity
  • Poison: Constitution
  • Petrify: Wisdom
8) Surprise:

  • All Characters can deal double damage when surprising.
  • Characters who can not move silently must wait in ambush to get the double damage in melee
  • Thieves get a "called shot" if they are successful in sneaking up behind someone or when ambushing
  • Ranged attacks are eligible for double damage when surprising
9) Coins weigh 50 per pound, instead of 10 per pound
10) Combat per my Alternative Combat System
11) Death, Dismemberment or Mortal wounds occur at negative Constitution
12) A character with a mortal would dies in 1d20 - 1 hour. (0 to 19 hours)

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