Saturday, February 18, 2012

I need suggestions!

I've come to a creative block on my Shatterworld blog. So far, I've detailed monsters, men, some geography, and the mythos of Calabria. I need to pick a direction for my next series of posts, but don't know where to go. Some options:

1) More geography
2) More history
3) Spotlight on specific cultures (rangers, paladins, mercenary warriors, clans, clerics, magic users)
4) Legends

If you have any ideas on what direction you'd like to see me go, leave a comment. Maybe something that I haven't even touched on yet?

All the support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!


  1. I think the Cultures sounds very promising. I love seeing people's takes on this topic.

  2. I rarely read the Campaign Setting... I'm more interested in this side of things! Having said that, I always find legends appealing, because they allow you to add instant color when ad-libbing during gameplay. That innkeeper who refuses the players a room (because the reaction check was negative) did so because he believes one of them to be an infamous villain. The suddenly altruistic nobleman who provides financial aid to the party (this one time only) because he wholeheartedly believes the legend of the Travelling Beggar Who Performs Wondrous Deeds (to those who aid him!). Write a few, and even if the players never know the whole story (though on your blog they will!) the world becomes more real to everyone!